Hamgam Khodro Asia

Hamgam Khodro Asia is one of the car body manufacturers and its products are of very acceptable quality to the point where the same products are sold in the production lines of major automobile companies as well as in the open market. The main problem was the lack of proper recognition and association of the acceptable quality of this brand by storekeepers and refiners.
At first, by changing the brand logo, emphasis was placed on the main name, HAMGAM. In the next step, by replacing the number 1 in the logo, the logo of Hamgam Khodro Asia was redesigned with a view to the new architecture of this brand. The new logo needed to show the uniqueness of the Hamgam brand in the automotive industry and be usable for sub-brands. For this reason, the letters H and K (the initials of Hamgam Khodro) were changed to a single letter H for Hamgam Industrial Group and its sub-brands; Hamgam Khodro, Hamgam Taban and Hamgam Ghaleb can also be used by simply changing the color of a part of the logo.
This logo consists of the letter H, the abbreviation of the word “Hamgam” and the number 1, which was mentioned in the strategy of this brand as being the leader and leader of the market. By changing color 1, the sub-brands of the industrial group can create their own visual identity while benefiting from the benefits of the parent brand.
The angle in the logo was set at 30 degrees and it was developed in all items of the visual identity of this brand. From the form on the boxes to the color angle of the icons, we have tried to preserve and use this form to evoke order and movement by creating a visual integrity of the brand. The products were mentioned among the competitors and this superiority was also developed in the slogan.

by THE Branding Agency, 2022
Consultant and strategist: Dr. Farzad Moghaddam
Project Manager and brand strategist: Mojtaba Kheradyar
Art Director and Logo Redesign: Mojtaba Hassanpour
Visual Guideline Designer: Mojtaba Hassanpour
Visual Guideline Compilation: Faezeh Noroozi