Maku Free Zone

The branding of Maku Free Zone and the answer to the question that by presenting what benefits Maku can give the audience a reason to come to this area, because unlike the attractive and spectacular climate and the history of several thousand years of Maku, tourists and people of Maku region as a tourist destination to stop and they do not see visitors and prefer to travel through this area and travel to Turkey and other surrounding countries.
The results of the brand research conducted and interviews with travelers and people of the region showed that many people know Maku only by the border of merchants and see this region as a crossing, and contrary to the climatic and historical potential of the region, it has not attracted the positive opinion of tourists and the free zone of Maku to attract the audience, it must offer another benefit.
With further investigations, the unique feature of this area was discovered! Maku is the only region in the world that connects four countries: Iran, Turkey, the Republic of Nakhchivan and Armenia.
Maku could be a logistics and tourism hub. For this reason, the Maku Free Zone should play the role of a bridge between countries that had weak connections with each other.
Changing the logo and visual identity of Maku Free Zone was done based on research and brand strategy with the aim of creating a sense of innovation and movement.
The new logo was designed with the inspiration of Maku Mountain, which was the visual symbol of this region in the minds of the audience, and its combination with the letter M. The star above M, referring to the brilliance of Maku, refers to the four sides of this connection, which is also addressed in the brand slogan as “Maku, the land of foursquare”.

by THE Branding Agency, 2019
Consultant and strategist: Dr. Farzad Moghaddam
Project Manager: Ravin Khosravi
Art Director and Logo Redesign: Mojtaba Hassanpour
Visual Guideline Designer: Mojtaba Hassanpour
Visual Guideline Compilation: Mahshad Heidary