Mahoor Carpet

How can you become a brand with limited resources and find a decent position in a market where old and big manufacturers have grown up on one side and carpet hypermarkets are making noise with extensive promotions on the other side?
This was the challenge of “Mahoor Carpet” in the carpet market. A manufacturer that has been operating in this vast market for years, but did not have a defined identity for its products and stores.
The main challenge was to find a point of the market that is aligned and compatible with the resources and capabilities available in Mahoor Carpet Company. Therefore, taking the place of existing competitors in the market could not be a suitable goal.
In line with research and brand identity, the Mahoor Carpet logo design was inspired by the motifs of Iranian carpets, and the shape of the Abbasi tulip became the basis of the logo design.
In the pattern of the brand, the designs in the carpet motifs were also considered, but it was necessary to simplify these motifs so that the Mahoor brand can achieve a modern visual identity.
The most used colors in the texture of Iranian carpets were selected for the secondary color palette of the Mahoor Carpet brand to be used in the design of some printed items, websites, etc. as a complement to the main colors.
In the design, the visual elements of Mahoor Carpet brand and the main touch points such as: digital space, product catalog, advertising structure, packaging, etc., its visual forms and patterns have been expanded so that the visual identity of Mahoor Carpet is integrated and coherent in line with its strategy.

by THE Branding Agency, 2022
Consultant and strategist: Dr. Farzad Moghaddam
Project Manager and brand strategist: Mojtaba Kheradyar
Art Director and Logo Redesign: Mojtaba Hassanpour
Visual Guideline Designer: Mojtaba Hassanpour
Visual Guideline Compilation: Faezeh Noroozi